An Australian design studio has successfully undertaken a Kickstarter campaign to fund a self-published design sketching book.

Skeehan Studio’s Sketching Process intends to inspire and teach designers how to further their hand drawing skills, from basic design drawing principles through to advanced techniques.

The 200-page publication will focus on leading Australian designers and their sketching processes, including architecture, furniture, lighting, product design, fashion, automotive, styling and typography. Contributors include architects such as Takt, Erin Hinton, Andrew Simpson and Kevin Snell.

“I believe design drawing is one of the most important skills that a creative can develop throughout their career,” explains Tom Skeehan in a campaign video. “It’s absolutely the universal language and a wonderful way to not only communicate your own thoughts and ideas, but then share them with clients, colleagues or manufacturers.”

Skeehan’s Kickstarter campaign was looking to raise enough capital to cover the first print run. With a goal to raise $13,000 in 28 days, they reached the target in only six days. At the end of the project, they had raised $45,689. Rewards for pledging included hand-drawn postcards, decks of cards, copies of the book, a personal ‘thank you’ in the book, one-on-one tutorials, fellowships and drawing workshops. 

Find out more about the project here