A new forum on Reddit, or ‘subreddit’ is offering a poke around into the long-forgotten world of past (and lost) architecture that has now, sadly succumbed to the forces of time. 

Operating like a cross between a modern archaeology site and a strong dose of voyeurism, ‘r/Lost_Architecture’ allows visitors to travel through time with images of unique structures that are no longer with us.

Founded only last week by architectural historian Tom Ravenscroft, Lost_Architecture showcases beautiful, rare, and even controversial pieces of architecture.

This includes structures like the French Bastille, which was demolished in the late 18th century, all the way to more recent losses for humankind such as the ancient Temple in Palmyra, Syria, which was destroyed less than two years ago.

Not surprisingly, Lost_Architecture is quite picture-heavy, and currently has over 9000 subscribers.

The site can be found at https://www.reddit.com/r/Lost_Architecture/