Jean Nouvel has lost the court case against the Philharmonie concert hall, with a Paris court ruling that the French architect did not provide enough proof that his original designs for the building had been flouted.

Nouvel, the architect behind Sydney’s One Central Park, first sought legal action to renovate 26 areas of the publicly funded building to his original designs, including fireplaces, facades, and the 2,400-seat concert hall itself.

This took place after he boycotted the building’s opening in January, which he said was “too early”, as the schedule did not allow “the architectural and technical requirements to be respected”.

Despite Nouvel’s claims, The Telegraph reports that there was not enough evidence to prove project managers deviated from his plans, and that the documents provided “do not allow the court to assess the work asked for in its definitive state, both globally and in detail”. As a result, it was unable to rule whether the work had been “adulterated”.

The interior of the new Paris Philharmonic Hall by French architect Jean Nouvel during its inauguration Photo: Charles Platiau/Reuters. Source: The Telegraph