Iranian architecture practice, Sstudiomm has developed an open-source DIY kit for a parametrically-derived brick laying technique. 

The project, titled ‘Negative Precision’, is the outcome of independent research by the firm’s director Hossein Naghavi into parametric brick laying techniques that can be affordable for a greater group.

The team drew inspiration from Zurich-based Gramazio Kohler Research, the outfit also behind the recently released robotic metal extrusion process which unifies concrete reinforcement and formwork, who in 2006 produced the robotically programmed wall. Sstudiomm have produced an open-source script using Grasshopper which is essentially a stack bond brick veneer wall where bricks rotate within an 18 degree range to register an “X” pattern across the facade.


From the digital model, a series of precise stencil templates can be produced from lasercut aluminium plate which can also be purchased on the architect’s website. In the field, a plum string helps to establish a start point for each course of bricks. Theoretically by adjusting the reference surface in the script, a new textural patterning will be generated, offering a customizable visual identity for other architects.

Visit the Sstudiomm website for more information 

Images: Sstudiomm/Source: Architects Newspaper