Global carpet tile manufacturer Interface has embodied the visual and tactile textures of our natural environment in their new flooring collection – Human Nature.

Conceived by sustainable design specialist David Oakey, the collection includes five 25 centimetre by one metre skinny retangular tiles that can be mixed and matched with 50 centimetre by 50 centimetre carpet squares in a variety of different ways.

The tactile tiles are intended to reflect the materials, textures and tones of natural landscapes such as forest floors, grassy fields and pebbled garden paths.

Interface has combined the aesthetics of concrete, stone and wood with the physical and acoustical benefits of soft surfaces to create inviting spaces that can be changed and reinterpreted as desired.

The Human Nature range is made from 81 per cent recycled content, including 100 per cent recycled content nylon yarn, partly sourced from NGO partnership Net-Works.

Courtesy Dezeen