Color Kinetics Japan and Ranagram have teamed up to design an interactive light installation that reacts to human movement.

Featuring close to 1,000 LED lamps mounted behind an iron lattice, the façade produces a variety of different visual patterns, which change in shape and colour.

Outlines of people are detected by a Microsoft Kinect sensor and are illuminated on the light wall.

As people move, their motions are gradually illustrated with changing colour through an optical flow algorithm.

When no movement is detected, geometric light patterns appear and change shape based on sound data that is converted into animations.

The density and colour of the patterns can be changed using controls from an iPad.

The team presented the project as a concept work at the Live Entertainment and Event Expo 2014 at Tokyo Big Sight, and is hoping to make a building-sized version in the near future.

Video: Ranagram

Courtesy Designboom