Interiors fitout specialist Well Spaces has launched a new wellness rating system that aims to create healthier interior spaces in various industry, home and education segments.

Well Spaces has developed Australia’s first well interiors programme and rating system focussed on infusing building interiors with the world’s leading health and wellness solutions. Taking a more holistic approach to the built environment, Well Spaces focuses on 10 key elements of wellness for the Office, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Residential and Student Accommodation sectors.

Well Spaces’ Wellness Rating system delivers a series of wellness checks on human spaces and follows it up with solutions to deliver quantifiable wellness interiors, products and services for the people that inhabit them.

According to Founder and Chief Wellness Officer Nigel Hobbs, given that people on average spend over 90% of their time inside the building, it is important for the interiors to be integrated with wellness products and programs for them to stay healthy, happy and productive. Hobbs and his team have a 24-year track record in commercial interior fitouts, sustainable design and ergonomics, bringing a fresh approach to wellness in inhabited spaces.

Recent studies reveal that people are now sitting more hours per day than they are sleeping, with interior spaces mostly driving this trend. Taking the workplace as an example, it has been observed that commercial office interiors over the last few decades have literally engineered movement out of the employees’ working lives with environments that are conducive to long periods of sitting.

Well Spaces’ objective is to re-engineer human movement back into these very same environments.