Australian company Quicksmart Homes designed, supplied and commissioned several waterless composting toilets and low-flow gas-fired showers at North Byron Parklands, which will be hosting the upcoming Splendour in the Grass event. Patrons at the outdoor event will be the first to experience these state-of-the-art waterless and low-odour composting toilets supplied by Quicksmart Homes.

Committed to sustainable technologies, the Byron Shire Council granted Parklands approval for 258 composting toilets in 2013. Quicksmart Homes designed and commissioned the 240 bespoke composting toilets and 192 low-flow gas-fired shower stalls. Together with the six pilot composting toilets built in 2013, Parklands now has 246 waterless units, which will significantly add to patron comfort and amenity.

Managing Director of Quicksmart Homes Rufus Harding said the project offered an opportunity to combine North Byron Parkland’s experience in green technology with Quicksmart Homes’ design and volume production capability. Having produced high specification products for many years, the project was a welcome reminder of the simplicity of good design.

The installation featured a 100% relocatable design allowing a huge amount of flexibility in facilitating unique camping and event layouts for events held at Parklands. The modules were fitted onto removable screw pile foundations, aligned with Parklands’ environmental philosophy to manage fresh and waste water cycles sustainably.

The design is expected to deliver a number of environmental benefits including significant reduction in waste water truck movements and a dramatic reduction in waste being sent to the Byron Shire Council owned sewerage treatment plant (STP).

According to Mat Morris, General Manager of Parklands, unlike the vast majority of outdoor venues that are compelled to transport hundreds of port-a-loos and showers to and from the site for each event, Parklands and Quicksmart Homes have delivered an infinitely more sustainable solution that resolves many of these transport and waste disposal issues.

He acknowledged Byron Shire Council’s role in approving these facilities, which greatly assisted Parklands in fulfilling a number of its environmental goals.