The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is conducting detailed inspections of sheds constructed in regional Victoria to ensure compliance with building regulations.

The VBA has so far visited more than 160 properties in the Bendigo area. VBA Chief Executive Officer Prue Digby explained that the proactive compliance program will ensure sheds are built in accordance with the Building Regulations 2006 and Building Act 1993.

Existing regulations mandate that domestic building work costing more than $5000 must be carried out by a registered building practitioner or a certified owner-builder. This includes sheds that have a floor space larger than 10m².

Following the inspections, the VBA has identified several areas of concern including sheds that may not have been built by registered builders or certified owner-builders; practitioners allegedly advising consumers that they need to become owner-builders; and issues with building site signs.

All the sheds inspected were built between January 2012 and January 2014, and involved owner-builders.

Further investigation is in progress on the issues identified during the inspections.