Technology company E-Capture R&D has introduced a new 3D measuring instrument embedded in a tablet.

Combining the capabilities of survey instruments and 3D scanners in a single portable device, the EyesMap tablet is designed to deliver accurate measurements in various architectural and civil engineering jobs.

Key features of the EyesMap tablet include two rear Sony cameras of 13 megapixels each, a depth sensor and a GPS system. The EyesMap is capable of measuring coordinates, surfaces and volumes of all types of objects up to a distance of 70-80 metres; scanning advanced photogrammetric pictures with up to 4 million dots in about two minutes; modelling 3D indoors and outdoors as well as measuring 3D elements and people or animals moving; and measuring works and building inspections.

EyesMap comes in a tablet with Intel's 4th generation i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM for excellent performance. The system uses computational vision techniques blended with photogrammetry, precision sensor fine tuning, visual odometer and other advanced image measuring techniques.

EyesMap is ideal for architects, archaeologists, civil engineers, topographers and industrial engineers as well as professionals in arts, medicine, video game development, security and criminology.