Sustainability expert, Warren McLaren has highlighted his plans to use a SolarWhiz hot air extraction fan to boost the environmental performance of his latest project.

After more than a decade of scrutinising and writing about environmentally sustainable design and building products for Infolink and BPN magazines, McLaren bravely turned the microscope on his own retrofit project to reveal his products of choice.

McLaren’s project is unfinished however, and like most perfectionists has made plans to improve on his recent renovation.

“What is still to be done? A massive amount. I’d love to cover those black roof tiles with a light coloured reflective paint, or at the very least install a sun-powered, hot air extraction fan, like the SolarWhiz,” said McLaren.

About the SolarWhiz (from the website): 

The Solar Whiz is a powerful solar ventilator & heat extractor fan that operates completely without electricity. It is ideal for roof ventilation and home cooling in summer, and great for reducing moisture levels and condensation in the roof space in winter. The superior performance, as well as ability to adapt to different climates and applications, its ease of installation, and a flexible design specifically for Australian roofs have all underpinned the success for our roof cooling solar vent.

Eliminating the heat build-up in your roof space (roof cooling) reduces the heat load on your ceiling, and stops heat from penetrating into your living space. This results in lower internal temperatures and could save you hundreds of dollars on cooling costs by improving the efficiency of your existing air conditioning systems.

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