Low voltage switchboard manufacturer SMB Harwal has received EMR verification for its iNTELECT G3 switchboards. The company is one of the first manufacturers in Australia to independently verify its iNTELECT G3 switchboard’s low level of electro-magnetic radiation emissions (EMR).

Following independent testing of SMB Harwal’s latest generation iNTELECT G3 switchboard by the NATA-accredited Electrical Testing Company Pty Ltd, the company has achieved top industry standards and compliance with ARPANSA EMR guidelines for use in applications such as public and private infrastructure; commercial and residential apartment buildings; retail, industrial, resources and infrastructure projects; and mission-critical facilities including energy and industrial processing facilities, hospitals, health facilities, telecommunications and financial institution data centres.

The 3rd generation of the widely used iNTELECT system, the iNTELECT G3 system has been engineered in Australia for Australian conditions under strict quality and environmental standards. The proven iNTELECT switchboards manufactured in Australia have been reliably serving thousands of data centres, banks, schools, hospitals, power stations, shopping centres, mines and factories in over 23 countries for over 25 years.

According to SMB Harwal Director Mr Terry Schweickle, the results of testing both magnetic field and electrical field vindicated the performance of their advanced, versatile and efficient busbar design with regards to EMR.

For the testing, SMB Harwal specifically selected an existing installation with the broadest mix of loads that would likely be encountered in service. Results from the testing established that the EMR levels measured were well within recommended guidelines; even the strongest magnetic field emissions from the busbar system did not exceed that of a domestic hairdryer.

SMB Harwal has taken this initiative to raise awareness of EMR as a design issue, and enable all switchboard users to openly compare the brand’s EMR performance with the broader market.

Mr Schweickle explains that all busbar systems have EMR emission; however, EMR emission is minimised in iNTELECT busbars by the symmetrical busbar arrangement, close proximity of the neutral and earth conductors, and shielding provided by the modular switchboard housing with its multiple reliable earthing points.

The testing of the iNTELECT G3 switchboard confirmed readings of up to 30% higher where the mains and submains cables were taken out of formation to enter or exit the switchboard at a gland plate.

iNTELECT G3 is the latest new generation of the proven and versatile iNTELECT modular switchboard range from the SMB Group combining the strength of custom-built configurations with the flexibility of modular construction.

According to Mr Schweickle, the G3 system integrates SMB Harwal and SMB Macquarie’s extensive Australian manufacturing and product testing experience, with valuable customer input accumulated over many years of Australian market leadership.

SMB Harwal and SMB Macquarie are part of the international SMB Electric Switchgear Division under the umbrella of Osaki United International Pte Ltd.

SMB Harwal at Lane Cove and SMB Macquarie at Wetherill Park in Sydney, specialise in the design, manufacture and testing of custom-engineered modular constructed low voltage electrical switchboards and motor control technology, all delivered to short lead times as required. SMB Harwal and SMB Macquarie have a combined manufacturing area of over 5,000sqm, making them the largest manufacturer of Australian made LV switchboards in NSW.