Smart Wall Paint has introduced a new wall coating that creates a surface to attract magnets.

The Smart Wall Paint magnetic primer contains tiny particles of iron dust allowing for the attraction of magnetised objects. Designed to revolutionise spaces, this latest addition to the Smart Wall Paint product range is available worldwide.

Ronan Clarke, Managing Director of Smart Wall Paint explains there is a huge market demand for the Smart Wall Paint magnetic primer. Ideal for use on almost any surface including plaster, drywall, metal and wood, the primer provides a fun and adjustable way to hang notes, photos and various objects. Neodymium magnets are recommended for the best utilisation of the surface.

Smart Wall Paint magnetic primer comes with a 10-year performance guarantee. The low odour, VOC- and solvent-free coating is also eco-friendly.

Smart Wall Paint magnetic primer is available in one-litre packs to facilitate coverage of 2.25 sq. metres or 25 sq. feet.

The Smart Wall Paint Magnetic Bundle is also available for those who want to create a write-on wipe-off magnetic surface.