The ongoing 2014 WorldSkills Australia National Competition in Perth features a team of 70+ TAFE Queensland students, including 20 competitors from TAFE Queensland SkillsTech. The WorldSkills competition provides an excellent platform for trainees, apprentices and students to practice their skills and interact with others in their skill area.

The three-day WorldSkills competition will showcase 500 of the nation’s best trainees, apprentices, and students competing for their chance to represent Australia on the international stage. Students have travelled from 30 regions across Australia to compete in skills categories including Automotive, Building and Construction.

Endorsing the national event, TAFE Queensland SkillsTech fitting and machining student Brendan Tulczyn said he would definitely recommend the WorldSkills Competition to other apprentices. Mr Tulczyn views the competition as a great opportunity to give their best.

WorldSkills Queensland Manager Tony Wright describes the competition as a potentially life-changing experience for competitors getting started in their studies or careers. Mr Wright explains that WorldSkills has the opportunity to open new career paths with winning competitors in the past having been sought out for employment.

TAFE Queensland SkillsTech sheet metal student Kian Vidler appreciates the numerous skills he has gained in his trade and is looking forward to enhancing them at WorldSkills. He recommends participating in WorldSkills to others because he believes it fast tracks skills improvement and allows interaction with others in the same field at a similar level.

Forty thousand visitors are expected to attend the competition, which will feature 30 Try’a Skill programs for visitors to have a go at various trade areas.

Three hundred industry professionals will judge the 2014 WorldSkills Australia National Competition, which runs from September 18-20 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.