The Projects Gallery hosted on the La Ceramica Italiana website features several projects completed in Italy and worldwide using Italian ceramic tiles from 74 different brands. The gallery now contains more than 340 reports of these ceramic tile projects including 26 projects featuring 21 tile brands uploaded in the Spring of 2014.

Written by renowned architectural journalists, these reports explore projects carried out by leading architecture and interior design firms that have succeeded in harnessing the aesthetic and technical qualities of Italian ceramic tiles in many different applications, both residential and non-residential.

Some of the most recent projects include the Shopping Centre in Yekaterinburg in Russia, the refitting of the Disney Magic cruise ship, Salt Lake City Airport in the United States, the exterior flooring of a private residence in Tezze sul Brenta (Vicenza, Italy), the Oakley Flagship Showroom in Milan, and the swimming pool area in the Villa Balke and Club Cypraea complex in the city of Torre Del Greco near Naples.

The projects in the gallery have been categorised by intended use: urban residential, non-urban residential, shopping, recreational and socialisation, public hospitality, culture, sports, business, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare and urban design. Each section contains projects with the same intended use and is illustrated by an extensive photo gallery.

Users can click on the photos to go to the individual project reports complete with detailed descriptions, including the title of the work, the author, the designer, and the brand and technical specifications of the ceramic products used. A common thread across all projects is the use of Italian ceramics as a raw material for stimulating creativity and achieving a range of visually diverse solutions.

A highlight of the gallery is the ‘project of the week’ section, which offers a report on a selected project, complete with the key features, technical specifications and photographs.