According to the RP Data National Auction Preview for the week ending 15 June, 2014, there were 2,216 auctions scheduled across Australia with 1,787 in capital cities. Dubbo, NSW had 23 auctions planned before the weekend, registering the highest volume of auctions in one place.

Volume numbers dropped from the previous week; however, there were 8 per cent more auctions scheduled than the same time last year. Volumes in the previous last week were boosted by the impact of the Queen’s Birthday the previous weekend.

Melbourne had 834 auctions scheduled compared to 1,016 the previous week. Last week’s clearance rate was the strongest in the past three months and is expected to motivate vendors considering selling in spring.

Sydney had 688 auctions expected compared to 798 last week. Last weekend’s clearance rate of 69.3 per cent was well down on the year-to-date result of 75 per cent and suggests improving conditions for buyers over winter in the auction market.

As far as the other capital cities are concerned, Brisbane has 123 expected auctions following 132 last week; Adelaide has 65 expected auctions (74); Canberra has 33 scheduled auctions (41); and Perth has 36 auctions (32). Tasmania has 13 auctions scheduled for the week.

Dubbo of NSW has 23 scheduled, most of which are for residential development blocks. In capital cities the highest volumes are in Richmond (VIC) with 19 auctions expected.