Glazing specialist Express Glass offers two new glass products designed to dramatically reduce heat loss within the home or office environment, reducing energy consumption and cost. Express Glass is a specialist provider of building glass replacement and associated services Australia wide.

When rising energy bills become an issue this winter, it is important to investigate how much heat is being lost through windows. Regular single panel glass windows facilitate internal heat loss from within the building.

Adrian Grocott, Managing Director of Express Glass explains that replacing the current glass with thermally efficient glass products can dramatically reduce the homeowner’s energy bills and create a far more comfortable internal environment. The energy efficient glass continues to work for the life of the building.

Low E or Low Emissivity glass and Insulated Glass Units (IGU), better known as double glazing are two glass window products that will drastically reduce a home’s energy loss in winter.

Low E glass improves a window’s insulation in a single sheet of glass, with its transparent and durable coating directing heat back towards its source.

Insulated glass unit or double glazing is a factory-sealed unit that uses a second layer of glass to form an insulating barrier. An IGU can utilise Low E glass to create some of most thermally efficient glass products available in the market.

Mr Grocott advises that home owners in the cooler regions of southern Australia should choose glass that reduces heat loss and promotes solar heat gain in winter. They can also consult with an accredited glazier to find the best thermally efficient window solution.