MCP Supply introduces a new paver repair solution precision engineered for shifting pavers.

Innovatively designed to lock paver edging tight against the pavers, the EdgeTite 10-inch spike offers customers an effective solution against the natural forces of frost heaving and changing temperatures.

When asked why the EdgeTite was the right choice in retaining spikes, MCP Supply’s VP of Sales compared current industry practices to assembling a car or any mechanical assembly without taking time to make sure all the fasteners were tight. He explains that the industry is currently using spikes that don’t have the functionality to increase tension between the paver edging and the related paver. The EdgeTite 10-inch spike meets the industry requirement for a solution for frost heaving and natural paver shifting.

MCP Supply is a successful technology and sourcing company that focuses on innovative products for the construction industry. Located in south central PA, MCP Supply currently has distribution hubs in South Carolina, Illinois and at its headquarters in Lewisberry PA.