Australia’s first online marketplace for waste management and recycling, Waste Choices meets the needs of businesses seeking a simple, fast, transparent, cost-effective and compliant solution for waste collection, recycling, treatment and disposal.

The online platform enabled by Waste Choices allows businesses of any size to post a one-off project or an ongoing contract for the management of over 30 waste streams. Reputable waste management service providers across Australia including URM, 1300 Rubbish, Action Waste, Waste 2 Resources, State Waste Services, Bingo and smaller providers will bid for posted projects, allowing businesses to select the most suitable project partner for their waste project.

The Waste Choices online marketplace will benefit a wide spectrum of small and medium businesses, as well as hospitality, food services, property management and construction companies.

Co-Founder Joel Harrison explains that Waste Choices simplifies the management of waste by providing businesses the choice and flexibility of working with different service providers to manage various waste streams in a compliant manner. Given the increasing cost of managing and disposing waste, businesses now have a better option to manage their waste streams more cost-effectively with access to a wider range of service providers.

The user-friendly interface of the website allows businesses to post a waste project in three simple steps: entering the pick-up location, choosing type of waste to be collected from general waste, liquid waste, recycling to hazardous materials, and selecting a bin size to represent the volume of waste. The business can then select from a range of competitive bids by 14 national and state-based waste management providers with the flexibility to award a project based on price or reputation of the provider.

According to Christine Ford, General Manager of Trio Packaging and a foundation client of Waste Choices, it would previously take more than two days for them to call and secure a service provider, get a quote and confirm the job. Ever since the company started using Waste Choices, they have been able to receive a range of competitive bids from different providers for one-off or ongoing projects, leading to reduced waste disposal costs as well as turnaround time.

An automatic alert feature notifies businesses on annual contracts with service providers when the contract is nearing expiration, so that businesses can decide whether they would like to continue with the arrangement. The alert feature frees businesses from long term fixed contracts, helps drive down the cost of waste management and increases transparency through a system of bidding.

Waste Choices brings a new competitive advantage to the industry by opening the waste disposal market to smaller service providers who want to grow their market share and target new customers without making additional investments in equipment or staff, making it a win-win solution for both businesses and service providers.

To post a project as a business or service provider, visit Waste Choices will be available as an iOS and Android app by December.