Metal mesh fabrics from Cambridge Architectural are being increasingly used by marketers in signature branding projects.

Marketers are collaborating with architecture firms and designers to create unique branding opportunities in new construction projects and renovations. From skylines, campuses and storefronts to interior lobbies and sales floors, Cambridge Architectural’s metal mesh is being used in signature branding projects for decorative wall panels, building facades and signage.

Cambridge Architectural Managing Director Matt Aebischer explains that the mesh is woven by skilled artisans and designed with specific geometry, open area, dimension and flexibility, with its visual beauty transforming an ordinary space into an extraordinary work of art.

Cambridge has the capability to blast-etch logos and lettering onto its metal mesh, creating a long-lasting image suitable for exteriors that can withstand weather and environmental conditions.

Cambridge Architectural metal mesh finds versatile application in interior as well as exterior projects. The openness of the weave in many mesh patterns allows the mesh to be used as a curtain or backdrop for logos and signage. It can also serve as an elegant accent for high-end interior retail displays where the mesh is used to enhance the brand image.

Signature branding projects incorporating Cambridge Architectural metal mesh have been installed at Texas A & M University; Moreno Valley College; Washington Street Bridge, Norwalk, Connecticut; RAR Brewery, Cambridge, Maryland; Port of Champlain U.S. Border Crossing; Louis Vuitton, Urban Outfitters, Loewe and Jimmy Choo retail stores; and Comcast and Red Bull corporate headquarters among others.