Compressed Air Australia introduces the new mini swivel fittings from EXAIR designed to simplify adjusting the position of the brand’s award-winning air nozzles. The Type 316 stainless steel mini swivels can be used to point EXAIR’s mini super air nozzles exactly where needed. Swivel fittings can help increase the effectiveness of nozzles when replacing existing wasteful nozzles or open tubes, and are ideal for blow off, cooling and drying applications.

Available in three sizes, these swivels provide EXAIR’s smallest nozzles a 50-degree total angle of adjustment so that the user can position the nozzle correctly for maximum effectiveness. The 1/8 MNPT mini swivel fittings work with the M4 x 0.5 Atto super air nozzle, the M5 x 0.5 Pico super air nozzle, and the M6 x 0.75 Nano super air nozzle.

When used with super air nozzles, EXAIR’s mini swivel fittings help deliver a precision, highly focused and forceful blow off for applications in tight spaces or requiring a minimal amount of compressed air. Suitable for use with any 316SS or PEEK thermoplastic mini super air nozzles, which are engineered to maximise entrainment of room air while minimising compressed air consumption, EXAIR’s mini swivel fittings enhance efficiency and precision.

EXAIR’s CE compliant air nozzles also ensure safe operation, meeting OSHA’s standard 1910.242(b) for pressure and OSHA’s noise exposure standard 29CFR – 1910.95(a).