Navman Wireless has added the High Definition Data (HD Data) feature to its OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking system, providing fleet operators with instant visibility into fleet activities and driver behaviour.

OnlineAVL2's HD Data displays second-by-second vehicle data, highlighting the exact path travelled by a vehicle on an interactive map. Accessed via Navman Wireless’ OnlineAVL2 software, the HD Data screen consists of the criteria pane, map pane and the speed graph. From the criteria pane, fleet managers can select the data to display in the map pane and speed graph, as well as define the parameters for the desired reports. The selection of criteria provides real-time visibility into speed, date and time of event, exact location, idle time, harsh braking and other driving behaviours. 

Ian Daniel, Vice President Asia Pacific at Navman Wireless explains that the additional insight enabled by the HD Data feature assists fleet managers with accident reconstruction allowing them to identify and remedy poor driving behaviour. It also provides a detailed confirmation of work that may not have been captured during the normal update process. 

The map pane highlights the vehicle route and events based on the criteria set by the manager in addition to covering the standard navigation controls such as a mini map, zoom, pan and a view of the street. Managers can also opt to have geofences and sites displayed on the map pane in instances where drivers are working in remote locations, to ensure they are within authorised and safe parameters. 

The speed graph displays the vehicle speed depicting the exact moment of an event such as breaking the speed limit. The speed graph is also interactive enabling fleet managers to navigate from one point to another using the navigation buttons. 

With the added second-by-second visibility into fleet activities and driver behaviour, fleet managers can instantly view the highlighted route travelled and pinpoint any particular event from the HD Data screen.  At any time, fleet operators can use HD Data to export the invaluable data into comprehensive reports for the selected reporting period and drill down the specific event and view details of that particular event. 

The new feature in the OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking system enables managers to make more informed decisions about their fleet operations and pinpoint areas of inefficiencies. The system also ensures accuracy of data in the wake of unforeseen circumstances such as a stolen vehicle or accident.