Lights from Iguzzini illuminate and guide residents at the newly redeveloped Elizabeth Street ‘Walkups’ in Richmond, Victoria.

Chosen by Architects Williams Boag, the Miniwalky from Iguzzini are used throughout the project as weather and vandalism resilient guiding lights for residents.

The Archilede, also by Iguzzini, serves a different purpose for the project. Williams Boag chose the Archilede to illuminate a dramatic timber archway at the entrance to the buildings.

The Archilede contributes to what Principal Architect Peter Williams describes as a dramatic and geometric entrance for residents.

“The strength of the arched form is highly noticeable against the rectangular geometry of the buildings and declares 'entry' from the long distance approach. It is 'way finding' on the macro scale,” he said.

The Miniwalky is composed of component-holder compartment, frame and diffuser and is a wall-recessed installation. Seven 1.2W LED warm white 3100K lights are housed in a die-cast aluminium external frame; glass safety screen; and a perimeter gasket made of EPDM; PG11 cable clamp.

The Archilede HP (High Performance, Enel Sole by iGuzzini) is fitted with high performance lighting optics that ensures exceptional visual comfort for vehicular traffic (Glare index G4) and for pedestrian urban areas (Glare index G6).

Like in the Williams Boag project, they can be installed on pole-tops, with lateral arms or on tapered poles with attachment diameter ø 46/60/76 mm.

It is comprised of die-cast aluminium; sodium-calcium sealing glass, 5 mm thick, siliconed to frame.

The redeveloped ‘walk up’ buildings on Elizabeth Street, Richmond are the first completed part in a series of upgrades from Williams Boag Architects (WBa) which promise to transform the district’s housing estate into a benchmark affordable housing facility.