Climate Australia has introduced a brand new misting fan designed to beat the heat of the Australian summer, indoors or outdoors.

Designed as a compact, plug and go unit, the Tornado misting fan is the most appropriate solution for muggy venues. Suitable as a portable unit or fixed wall mounted unit, the Tornado is an upright misting fan that will spray a constant stream of water into the fan to keep the environment cool and comfortable.

Recommended for hospitality, commercial or domestic environments, the Tornado is perfect for restaurants, clubs, pubs, gyms, sports events, outdoor vendors, beaches, and patio hospitality areas, as well as private home use.

Offering coverage of up to 50 square metres, the Tornado disperses a light mist that is blown throughout the room, cooling the area by up to 20°C. Ice can be added to drop the temperature even further; even citronella can be used to keep flying insects away.

The Tornado is designed for ease of use and adaptability with the portable model incorporating an almost 30-litre water tank to enable long periods of operation, and the mounted model piped directly into an existing water system or hose feed to continually operate throughout the day.

Tornado misting fans are available through Climate Australia.