Glascott Landscape & Civil was engaged by QM Properties to execute a landscape construction project at the beachside Sandstone Lakes Estate located near Bribie Island, north of Brisbane.

The new 580-lot housing estate project follows the successful execution of landscaping at QM Properties’ Jimboomba Woods Estate by Glascott Landscape & Civil.

Queensland Manager Brett Frostick said Glascott Landscape & Civil was thrilled to be continuing their relationship with QM Properties, with the Sandstone Lakes project presenting an excellent opportunity to showcase their expertise in large-scale residential landscape construction.

Glascott’s scope of work included installing street trees, laying turf along the approach roads to the estate, as well as excavating and constructing a large park with a playground. Hard landscaping deliverables included installation of concrete footpaths, sandstone seating blocks, shelters, benches, playground and bollards in addition to park signage.

The sensitive nature of the site with close proximity to wetlands required Glascott to adhere to strict erosion control methods throughout the construction project, ensuring the integrity of the site was maintained.

The Glascott team also faced another challenge when working with fine sand, which not only affected the type of machinery they could use on site, but also impacted the provision of suitable topsoil that would support adequate plant growth. Glascott resolved this problem by adding compost into the topsoil material, which assisted with the water-holding capacity of sand and provided some structure to the material.

Glascott Landscape & Civil Project Manager, Loch McClelland said project challenges brought out the best in the landscape design team.

Glascott will be providing maintenance for the completed project over the next 12 months.