Foscarini introduces an attractive selection of table lamps that make for great gifting ideas.

Anisha features a simple, mysterious form that magically fills the frame with light. Designed as a versatile luminous sculpture, Anisha table lamps fit into various spaces from entrances to living rooms and bedrooms, or in any space where an intimate, cosy atmosphere is sought to be created.

Doll table lamps are compact, portable, playful and equally versatile, lending themselves to endless spaces and uses while creating a warm, friendly and charming ambience.

Yoko evokes a delicate and abstract bubble, which moves through space, filling the environment with a Northern white light. The table lamp creates a suffused and vibrant atmosphere for any corner of the home.

Metafisica's blown glass body appears to float atop a rough metal cage, exuding golden highlights and projecting an enchanting play of shadows on the supporting surface.