Industrial vibrators are widely used in concrete batching plants where there are holding bins, silos and open bins to store bulk material including fly ash, sand, gravel or aggregates.

Dust control guidelines mandated by environmental protection agencies often require these materials to be maintained in a condition that prevents excessive dust being generated during loading and unloading operations. This requires the bulk materials to be kept in a moist condition. Adverse weather conditions can cause the holding bin or silo to sweat drawing moisture into the holding material and making it difficult to flow. Additionally, natural compaction can affect the material’s flow characteristics leading to the material being trapped within the bin or silo.

Industrial vibrators are designed to address the primary problem of making these bulk materials flow in a simple, safe and speedy manner while meeting EPA guidelines for both dust and noise pollution. Electric or pneumatic vibrators are widely accepted for advantages such as ease of installation and cost effectiveness. Turbine vibrators also offer an efficient solution as they operate at higher frequencies and require almost no maintenance.

Enmin Vibratory Equipment was asked to provide a solution for a concrete batching plant in Australia that was using a steel holding silo. A turbine vibrator specified by Enmin was attached to the silo and operated at 10,000 vibrations per minute, transferring high frequency low amplitude forces into the material to break the particle bonding and promote flow of the material.

The turbine vibrator was positioned correctly by Enmin to ensure effective operation after installation. Since these vibrators do not require lubrication, maintenance is minimised for the customer.

Following the successful installation and performance of the turbine vibrator, this particular client decided to install seven additional units throughout their concrete batching plants.