The new vaulting and desktop file synchronisation capabilities for the cloud-based collaborative engineering data management solution from Kenesto Corp. has been selected as Editor’s Pick of the Week for November 12, 2014 by Desktop Engineering.

Anthony J. Lockwood, editor at large for Desktop Engineering was impressed with the enhancements carried out to the cloud-based collaborative engineering data management solution.

According to Lockwood, Kenesto aligns its solutions with mainstream engineering, design and lifecycle collaboration; in other words, small- and mid-sized engineering outfits that do not have the budget, wherewithal or maybe the desire to continue supporting a pricey and labour-intensive PDM (product data management) or PLM (product lifecycle management) system.

With the latest enhancements to its collaborative engineering data management solution, Kenesto joins the document management and document sharing paradigms of popular cloud tools with all the key features of product data management. Users not only can manage and communicate documents properly, but can also use MS Office applications to edit documents in the cloud.

Lockwood notes the file synchronisation capability allows users to synch files from their desktop to the cloud, adding that the new functionality supports shared documents across a team inside and outside of a company. Additionally, it obeys document security per user settings, provides automated file version management, supports update locking of finalised files, and automatically notifies participants of updated documents. A complete audit trail of changes is maintained detailing who made changes and when they were done.