Cutek was recently chosen by Williams Boag Architects to seal a dramatic spotted gum archway at their Elizabeth Street ‘walk ups’ project in Richmond, Victoria.

Project Architect, Peter Williams explains that the archway is a defining feature for the residential estates residences—the dramatic timber portal declares entry from a distance.

“Arches have been used as portals since Roman times and have been progressively evolved over the centuries by architects and engineers. It’s way-finding on the macro scale,” explains Williams.

“In this instance the strength of the arched form is highly noticeable against the rectangular geometry of the buildings and declares 'entry' from the long distance approach.”

Spotted gum sticks in machined tongue and groove profile were provided by Woodform Architectural to form the entrance archways and to create a dramatic and enduring entrance for residents. The spotted gum is coated in a clear finish from Cutek and blends well with the marine-grade ply facade directly above.

Cutek supply a variety of exterior timber oils that keeps wood looking great for many years. They come with a choice of 17 colourtones which can be added to enhance the natural look of your timber.

CD50, Cutek Extreme oil and Cutek LowVOC oil can all be used for interior and exterior applications.

The redeveloped ‘walk up’ buildings on Elizabeth Street, Richmond are the first completed part in a series of upgrades from Williams Boag Architects (WBa) which promise to transform the district’s housing estate into a benchmark affordable housing facility.