Roca’s In-Tank toilet system revolutionises the bathroom world say Josep Cognost from the multinational bathroom product company.

The In-Tank is produced by Roca and is an award winning design that features a cistern and pan in one easily wall-mountable system.

In an interview with Architecture and Design, Cognost said that the In-Tank toilet is a ground breaking system, that’s ergonomically considerate and easy to install.

Cognost explained that the In-Tank WC is the first of it’s kind to have a concealed cistern integrated into the toilet pan.

Cognost explained how it works:

“The In-Tank WC features Softair technology - an air injection system in the cistern that optimises water flow. The flush buttons on the side of the WC activate an air pump that emits a flow of air. This pushes water up from the internal cistern to fill the rim of the pan, while the downward flow clears the bowl. The cistern is then replenished to its optimum level and ready for use. It is the optimal solution for easy installation of wall hung toilets by negating the need for a cistern inside the wall.”

See the In-Tank in action below: