The Competition will be premiered at the ACMI Cinemas in Federation Square, Melbourne on 26 July and 27 July as part of the Open House Melbourne Program.

Presented by, in partnership with Melbourne School of Design, Open House Melbourne and ACMI Cinemas, The Competition is a raw, but intensely fascinating account of an international design competition for the National Museum of Andorra, which had participation from leading architecture practices, Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster, Jean Nouvel, Frank Gehry and Dominique Perrault.

Directed by Spanish Architect, Angel Borrego Cubero, The Competition is presented as a documentary and reveals the struggles and strategies of some of the best architects in the world in excruciatingly raw detail.

The Saturday night screening will be followed by a panel discussion featuring leading experts who will present their thoughts on the architectural design competition and the film's relevance in today's architecture world.

The panel will feature Angel Borrego Cubero, Director; Andrew MacKenzie, Founder of City Lab; Annette Pitman, Project Director at Major Projects Victoria; Gina Levenspiel, Durability Research Architect; and Kerstin Thompson, Founder of Kerstin Thompson Architects.

Participation in the Saturday night launch event (screening and panel discussion) provides two and a half (2.5) informal continuing professional development (CPD) points.

Booking is essential to buy the tickers.