AJAR Furniture & Design Director and interior designer Andrew Boddington explains why Spanish designed and manufactured dining tables and chairs are the perfect complement to the Australian lifestyle.

For instance, both countries share a noticeable blurring of lines between table and chair design styles across residential, hospitality and workplace dining and entertaining environments. Boddington observes that there is a discernible trend within Australian cafes, bars and restaurants as well as in corporate breakout and communal spaces to emulate a very personable and home-like atmosphere. He notes that this crossover trend is two-way with even very high-end architect designed contemporary homes exploring sleek lines bordering a commercial aesthetic.

Australia has adapted the typically Spanish way of eating, tapas dining style, and fused it with local modern Australian cuisine, complete with its Asian and European influences.

Similar to how Australians like to linger after mealtimes to engage with family and friends, Spaniards relish time after dining, gathered around the table for a chat or a game of cards.

Both Spanish and Australian cultures have an affinity for alfresco dining, and love to bring the outdoors in by throwing open the windows or dine overlooking garden vistas.

Tables that can be flexibly expanded to cater for additional guests on special events or reduced in size for more intimate dining experiences are appreciated in both countries.

Boddington explains that the ability to embellish a dining or hospitality space with furniture that is ‘personal and personable’ is inherent in Spanish design. The AJAR collection is curated so that consumers, architects, designers and specifiers can customise product and its placement to create unique dining and hospitality experiences.

Andrew Boddington’s Top 10 Spanish dining tables and chairs

Bob table, Bob chair, Bob bar table and Bob bar stool are designed by Nadia Arratibel, granddaughter of the Ondarreta founder.

Pedestal tables and tops are designed by the Ondarreta team and offer a flexible and well-formed range.

Iru table designed by the Ondarreta team is the consummate statement piece.

Boomerang chair designed by the Ondarreta team is a slender and shapely, space-defining timber chair in two sizes.

Duo-Trio pedestal table designed by the Ondarreta team has a compelling organic form, which features two or three bases overlapping each other and partnering with a round or square tabletop.

Alo chair designed by Gabriel Teixidó for Ondarreta works wonders in hospitality spaces, offering flexible use and stackability.

Belloch chair and Belloch table designed by La Granja for Santa & Cole earned an IIDA Award of Excellence in 2009.

Palet chair designed by Emiliana Design for UNO Design takes its cue from the visual appearance and structure of timber transportation pallets.

Alfin table designed by Josep Turell for Arlex enables interesting contrasts to be created when the tabletop and legs are specified in different finishes.

Lula chair and Lolo table designed by La Granja Design for UNO Design make a joyful and fun addition to any space.