Bathroom design has transformed from a no-nonsense practical space into a luxurious oasis that combines function with lavish indulgence. lays out five bathroom design trends that are making headlines in the renovation market.

1. The Hotel Bathroom

A great hotel bathroom is a space with a fantasy element – of being away from home, and letting all the stresses of the day melt away in a freestanding bath with a glass of wine on the side. Highlights of a hotel bathroom include quality lighting, generous sinks, luxurious tapware, indulgent tiling and an on-trend, impressive toilet. You could take it to the next level with a mounted television, premium towels, fluffy gowns and slippers, and a proud display of exotic shampoos, bath salts and lotions.

2. The Day Spa Bathroom

Welcome to your daily sanctuary and place of indulgent retreat – your day spa bathroom is the place you flee to when you are tired and stressed, for a session of pampering that will restore calm and wellbeing. Imagine have the day spa experience every day and night. While you may not have a day spa therapist at your beck and call, you can still achieve the day spa experience by installing steam showers with sauna features and mini whirlpools in a minimalist and stylish decor that is guaranteed to bring back the balance in your life.

3. The Black and White Bathroom

The classic black-and-white theme is timeless in impact and appeal – never underestimate the effect of a monochrome bathroom because it can be just so fabulously dramatic. The black and white bathroom offers the right opportunity to unleash your inner designer. Consider complex tiling, or simple but stunning subway tiling, or the cool and classic beauty of marble. Experiment with matte black tapware instead of ordinary stainless steel, and frameless showers to match the elegance of the black and white space.

4. The Bathroom Without Borders

The open plan bathroom design is trending with the seamless space breaking down barriers and allowing room to breathe. Suggestions for bathroom elements include open walk-in showers, often with double shower heads; the space might also spill into a walk-in-wardrobe to blend in function.

5. The Eco Bathroom

Going eco-friendly in your home and your bathroom can be easy on your wallet in the long term with all those savings from water-efficient taps, showers and toilets. From an aesthetic point of view, consider a green wall, or pots of indoor-friendly foliage to bring the outdoors inside the four walls of your bathroom. Complete the look with natural finishes such as pebble stones, timber and slate.