A true-to-life computer model of the physical Australia including all aspects of the entire built environment might aid all future design, from the smallest renovation through to major buildings and masterplans.

A virtual Australia and New Zealand concept was described at the [email protected] Conference and Exhibition 2011 held at the National Convention Centre Canberra from 15 — 17 November.

The event examines how spatial information, services and capabilities can be applied across government and its benefits.

One of the major themes was the simulation of the real world through virtual technologies.

The event organisers contend that links between the real and virtual worlds is blurring and the spatial community is well placed to leverage the technological benefits.

Michael Haines, CEO of Virtual Australia New Zealand Infrastructure (VANZI) is working toward a computer model would contain a detailed virtual model of the real world to undertake all the planning stages of projects in 3D. He claims that the technology already exists and only the model is yet to be created.

Within it, architects, for example, would be able to view land, design a realistic 3D model which clients could then explore the virtual creation and approve the build.

Haines’ presentation transcript and slideshow may be view here.

Image: Spacial Source