Males graduating in the field of Architecture & Building in Australia earn much more than women, a 2011 survey shows.

Men in the field on average earned $50,000 in their first year, while women made $43,000 — a 14 per cent difference.

The figures came from the annual Australian Graduate Survey (AGS), a study of the activities of new higher education graduates around four months after the completion of their qualifications.

According to the latest GradStats report by Graduate Careers Australia, there were 14 areas where male starting salaries were greater than females.

The fields of Architecture & Building and Earth Sciences had the largest differences, with male starting salaries being 14 per cent larger than female starting salaries on average.

Overall, in 2011 males started full time work on a median salary of $52 000 (up from $50 000 in 2010) while females in full time employment earned $50 000 (up from $48 000 in 2010).

Source: Graduate Careers Australia (2011) GradStats