Three large Eucalyptus trees played an essential part in shaping Morq’s design concept for the Karri Loop House in Margaret River, Perth.

One large Karri tree and a pair of Marri trees - both of which are indigenous to that region of Australia - were located in the middle of the building site and the owner’s original intention was to have them removed.

Instead, the architect proposed a ‘H-shaped’ design that saw the house bridge between the tree trunks, effectively preserving them.

The building’s outline and a series of exterior decks define two open, irregular shaped courtyards that wrap around the trees.

The home is lifted above the ground on steel tripod-like stilts to protect the relatively shallow and delicate root systems of the trees. Any portion of the house that does rest over the roots is irrigated by rainwater collected from the roof.

Plywood sheets clad the home’s interior, paying homage to the colour and grain of the Eucalyptus trees, while vertical, periscope-like windows frame views of their foliage and peeling trunks.

Courtesy Designboom