Ikea has launched a new affordable kitchen unit made from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed industrial wood.

Designed by Swedish studio, Form Us With Love, the Kungsbacka units comprise a structure of reclaimed wood coated in a laminate made from 27 recycled plastic bottles.

The cabinets are modular so can be arranged to fit in most spaces, but most importantly, says Anna Granath, product developer at Ikea, they’re affordable.

"Today, applying waste materials in production is unfortunately still costly and the Kungsbacka kitchen fronts could have easily ended up too expensive," she explains.

"Overcoming the price was a milestone in the development. Sustainability should be for everyone, not only for those who can afford it."

In total, the units are 99.9 per cent recycled and are part of a new line of recycled products from the Swedish furniture giant set to launch in February. A range of seating and vases are also a part of the new recycled line. 


Photography by Jonas Lindström