Opal Tower builder Icon Co. has declared the cracked Homebush building safe to occupy, with residents being allowed to move back in from this weekend. 

While some stabilisation works are still being completed, the majority of the 392 apartments will be ready for occupation. There are some 50 apartments that will require more work, says Icon Co., and there are some apartments that will require major repairs.

Some residents are still looking at up to six more weeks until they can move back into their homes.

While some residents have been eagerly awaiting the return to their homes, others have expressed that even if the building is given the all-clear, they will not be returning.

Residents were initially evacuated on December 24, 2018 when a loud cracking sound was heard overnight, and a large crack was discovered on the 10th floor. More cracks were discovered soon after this.  

While Icon Co. has declared the building safe, the findings of the independent investigators have yet to be released.

Icon says while they welcome the independent investigations, ultimately any decision to reopen the building rests with the building’s engineer, WSP.


Image credit: Icon Co.