Renowned US author, city planner and architectural designer Jeff Speck believes the key to making cities thrive comes down to one factor – walkability.

He believes in building walkable urban places for economic, social, healthy and environmental benefits.

Speck will be in Perth in October to present a public lecture based on this and his latest book Walkable City – How Downtown Can Save America, One Step At A Time. 

He will explain how cities can no longer be designed around catering for increasing numbers of cars as populations grow.

“More and more Americans are being attracted to places that offer the economy, excitement, and street life that cannot be found in the auto zone,” Speck said. 

“Cities that have recently combined reinvestment in their downtown cores with the creation of transformative transit biking facilities are the current relocation places of choice, for those who have a choice.”

Western Australians will be able to learn Speck’s Ten Steps of Walkability and views on healthy urbanisation when he is in Perth next month for a public lecture presented by the State Library of Western Australia.

The Walkability Mandate – A public forum with Jeff Speck is a one-off event on 16 October from 6pm to 8.30pm at the State Theatre Centre in Perth.

Jeff will explore the theories in his latest book and share his practical and jargon-free insights on how vibrancy, liveability, and a pedestrian-friendly city are achievable.