Hackney artist Alex Chinneck has constructed a full-sized, two-story house made from 8,000 wax bricks that will melt to the ground over the course of a month.

The installation – titled ‘A Pound of Flesh for 50p’ – was created for the Bankside Merge Festival, currently taking place in central London.

Located, fittingly, on the site of a centuries-old candle-making factory, the house appeared at first like any other British brick residence but is now slowly starting to melt and warp.

Each brick used to build the house is made from dyed paraffin wax, cast in beds of terracotta sand to give them the matching colour and textured surface of a real brick.

The windows are also made from wax panes and, with the help of some hand held torches, will continue to melt away along with the rest of the house until all that remains is a roof sat atop a pile of melted wax.

Chinneck consulted with chemists, wax manufacturers and engineers for over twelve months to develop the project.


Courtesy Gizmag