A hospital carpark has been transformed with captivating artwork by South Australian artist Jack Fran.

Adelaide’s Ashford Hospital car park sits across Alexander Avenue and Everard Street. Strategically positioned to front the hospital, the Alexander Avenue artwork has a distinct Australian theme, featuring native flora,​ evergreen and bird​s, whereas the Everard Avenue theme is underpinned by multiculturalism and features a blend of Australian and Asian/Oriental flora, evergreen and birds.

Aptly named ‘Bird Park’, the project’s aim is to not only give personality to an otherwise nondescript building but to revive and promote art to the surrounding community. Discussing the work, Fran believes it is best described as tranquil.

“Working alongside Riverlee Group, we decided to choose a green colour palette of varied shades, accompanied by native and Asian flora and birds, as a way of delivering a sense of calm and safety, for both the hospital’s patients, staff and visitors,” says Fran.

“With the car park being in such a prominent location within the suburb of Ashford, it was important to add to its street appeal for both the surrounding residents and those driving past along the main road.”

Tian Par Lim, director of Riverlee Group’s Adelaide portfolio, says it was an incredible opportunity for the company to give back to local residents.

“This is regarded as a significant building in the neighbourhood due to its massive frontage exposure. Riverlee Group has operated in Adelaide for over 20 years, and we felt that this was the perfect way to give back to the Ashford community," adds Lim.

“Home to a significant maternity ward, we wanted to transform this building with bright and heartening artwork that adds to the joy of visiting a new arrival. At the opposite end of the spectrum, a visit to a hospital can be a daunting experience so we hope that this art brings a sense of calm and balance too.”

General manager of Ashford Hospital Paul Evans has applauded the approach to transforming the facility’s car park.

“The revamp of the car park has been a talking point amongst our patients, staff and visitors as it has completely transformed what was previously an unremarkable façade,” says Evans.