HENN architecture has been selected to design a 160-meter, commercial tower for a new Central Business District in the eastern China metropolis of Wenzhou. 

The tower consists of a five-story podium for retail arcades, restaurants, spas, office units and a hotel on the upper stories.

An elevated walkway for pedestrians has been incorporated to connect the retail section of the Wenzhou Tower with existing buildings nearby.

A multi-faceted glass façade adorns the building, reflecting Wenzhou’s ever-changing city landscape and the sky above.

The vivid rippled pattern is also visible on the glass exterior, caused by a series of triangulated ‘green zones’, which spiral around the periphery of the tower.

The proposed site for the tower is located on the southern edge of the Wenzhou business district, and has been chosen so as it may serve as the ‘architectural gateway’ to the new city development.

Courtesy World Architecture News