Hames Sharley’s Scotch College Wellbeing and Sports Centre will be one of just three projects in Australia to reach LBC certification upon completion, making it the first school to complete LBC certification at any level.

The LBC Core Building Certification is a simple framework that outlines the ten best practice achievements that a building must obtain to be considered a green or sustainable building. It puts the connection to nature, equity, and the need for a building to be loved on even footing with the typical water, energy, and materials concerns.

Hames Sharley believes the building will be influential within the community for redefining the future of the built environment.

Head of the National Sustainability Forum Yaara Plaves says the school has taken the steps necessary to ensure the certification and recognition as a green building. 

“This initiative aligns perfectly with the School’s progressive vision around sustainability and their aim for using the building as an educational tool,” she says.

“While the aim is very high in terms of regenerative design and positive impact, the framework itself is not complicated, especially when integrated during the design phase.”

Hames Sharley says they are proud to be at the forefront of transforming the built environment and eliminating any negative impact on people and the planet. The practice aims to continue to realign incentives to truly protect the health, safety and welfare of local communities and reconcile the built environment with the natural environment into a civilisation that creates greater biodiversity, resilience, and opportunities for life with each adaptation and development.

“We must remake our cities, towns, neighbourhoods, homes, and offices, and all the spaces and infrastructure in between. This is part of the necessary process of reinventing our relationship with the natural world and each other—re-establishing ourselves as not separate from, but part of nature, because the living environment is what really sustains us,” reads a statement from the Living Future Institute.

To find out more about the Scotch College Wellbeing and Sports Centre, head to scotch.sa.edu.au/wsc.