Melbourne-based business Habitech Systems have partnered with New Zealand's Lite Green Projects and will deliver their super-insulated modular houses accross the Tasman. 

Lite Green is a Christchurch-based building company that trialled several local building systems without success before discovering the Habitech modular construction system, which has been used on many Australian projects including Hawthorn Studio and received an Innovation Voucher by the Victorian Government back in 2014

Lite Green’s Director of Project Management, Andrei Martin says he went with the Habitech panel system because it provides his firm a sustainable building solution that incorporates high performance energy efficiencies and intelligent construction principles to substantially decrease build time. He hopes that the Habitech system will revolutionise the way homes are built in New Zealand, helping Kiwis build well above the code minimum standard, without incurring the extravagant costs often attributed to sustainable and eco-friendly homes.

Back home, Habitech says their modular housing design also presents an opportunity to show New Zealand group home builders it’s possible to build homes that are not only earthquake-resilient but also sustainable, affordable and beautiful.

That Habitech wall panels have been independently certified to have 800 per cent of the bearing capacity, 580 per cent of the bending strength and 200 per cent of the bending stiffness of traditional framed construction will be of particular interest to Christchurch homeowners.

Having been aware of Christchurch’s earthquake rebuilding efforts for a number of years, Habitech’s Managing Director Chris Barnett said they were thrilled to have Lite Green seek out their modular system to help them deliver higher quality housing outcomes.