GroupGSA’s considered design approach for Link Market Service’s new workspace has birthed a functional space with strong materiality and design rigour.

Located in Parramatta Square, GroupGSA has created spaces for Link Market Service for over 15 years on a worldwide basis. Link Market Services General Manager of Property, Facilities and Procurement, Danny Sindrivanis, says the relationship between practice and client has enriched employee worklife.

“Through our ongoing relationship, GroupGSA has assisted Link to progressively enhance the way our staff connect and collaborate in the workplace,” he says. 

“Traditionally, collaboration spaces weren’t a feature of our office spaces. It is something we moved to embrace six years ago when we completed our Colin Square office space in Melbourne and now, feature in every workplace we’ve completed since.”

LMS parra groupgsa

The new HQ merges numerous offices from the Greater Sydney region into one. An employee survey determined Parramatta was a central location that was logistically ideal for many employees.

The Western Sydney space emphasises connection and wellbeing, with an open tenancy stair connecting the seven floors and providing visual reinforcement of the scale of the Link business. Tower 6 & 8 of Parramatta Square is the largest office building in the country by gross floor area. The long and narrow floorplates saw GroupGSA position the breakout spaces in close proximity to the staircase which encourages cross-collaboration and movement between levels.

“When we looked at the plan, we wanted to make sure that there was an adequate amount of space given to collaboration and connection spaces for people to come together,” says GroupGSA Lead Designer Jessica Margiotta. 

“These spaces are particularly valuable post-COVID where there's even more reason to entice people back to the office. The traditional workplace is now a thing of the past.”

A void and atrium sits above the stairs, with timber ceilings on each floor accentuating breakout spaces. The black laminate that covers the staircase becomes a visual marvel that is the centrepiece of the entire workspace.

“The stair is a simple, bold and strong form. The simplicity and repetition make an impact from afar, but when you get up close and touch it, it is a beautiful soft-touch laminate,” Margiotta says. 

“We used simple materiality in a very considered way to push the boundaries of design whilst working to a budget.”

LMS parra groupgsa

The interiors are harmonised by a multitude of textures and a playful mix of greys and neutral colour palettes, while embellished with furnishings by Stylecraft, Zenith and Living Edge.

“The Link look and feel is something that we've been developing collaboratively with Link Market Services for the past 15 years,” Margiotta says. 

“The brand’s DNA is identifiable when you walk into a Link workplace – you can tell it's a Link office – but every office has its own unique personality depending on where in the world it is located.”

Client meeting spaces allow the company to convey services to potential clients. Staff amenities and community spaces include staff training rooms, town hall spaces and wellness rooms. Desks are sit-to-stand, with each space copping an influx of natural light.