The one-time approved Nightingale 2.0 (N2) housing project in Melbourne has been stalled by an appeal and will have its fate decided by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

In an almost perfect reenactment of the Nightingale 1.0 (N1), which recently began construction, the architects of Nightingale 2.0 will now have to defend their development at the VCAT even though they’d already received approval from the authorising council.

N2 got the okay from Darebin Council back in May and construction was expected to begin right away at the Fairfield, Melbourne site. But just like there was with N1, there has been appeal lodged with the VCAT to have the approval revoked. 

While the Six Degree Architects-design project was approved by the Darebin authourities, it had been the subject of heated debate during the council meeting. The councillors voted five to four in favour of the project but there was major objections from a group of 17 local residents who had concerns for the projects impact to pedestrians, traffic and the overshadowing of public spaces and inadequate car parking. 

There were also questions about the proposed height and scale of the five-storey apartment complex, but these were addressed by the Council officer’s report which noted the height and scale is not unprecedented and that there were six developments within 300 meters of Nightingale 2.0 that have all been completed with similar heights and scales.

Regardless of the win at Darebin, Six Degrees will now face a potentially long-winded battle at the VCAT, which could cut into the cost and affordability of the housing project.

A date for the VCAT hearing to decide on the appeal proceedings has not yet been set.


In a situation that echoes that of the approval process around the original Nightingale, Breathe Architecture have voiced their support for Six Degrees on social media sharing a statement from the official account of the building project saying

“We echo @Nightingale2.0 sentiments "To the many locals who have shown active support, we applaud your willingness to share your beautiful suburb and congratulate your understanding of the need for better examples of development to set the tone required for positive change to spread. The status quo is just not acceptable...! Collectively we have an opportunity to set a positive tone for the future our city deserves. Show your support by sharing this post far and wide...!”

In early 2015 Nightingale 1.0 was approved by Moreland Council but this was revoked by the VCAT some eight months later because it doesn’t have any car parks. The project was only approved in April this year and has begun construction.