Sustainable furniture by Green Furniture Concepts has been installed throughout the departure lounges at Hobart Airport as part of the redesign to enhance guest experience.

Designed by Melbourne-based architecture firm Hassell, the project incorporates several elements that capture the essence of the Tasmanian wilderness and follow the organic designs found in nature.

A creation of Swedish designer, Johan Berhin, Green Furniture Concepts offers a line of sustainable modern furniture made using natural and upcycled materials. Green Furniture Concepts is exclusively distributed by KFive + Kinnarps in Australia.

KFive + Kinnarps founder and CEO Erna Walsh says that Green Furniture Concepts brings the energy of the natural environment to the indoors and creates a sense of calm in any space. Walsh adds that the green furniture range has been installed in a number of European airports as an eco-friendly seating and lighting solution.

The Hobart Airport redesign includes the Nova C series, a sculptural seating solution made from oak wood that promotes natural flow control throughout the terminal. The design contours ensure comfort for users while creating a space for both privacy and interaction.

“Seating is a big feature and the options around seating, which include the Green Furniture Concepts as well as really comfortable armchairs and an incredible bar experience. We’ve added in green walls, lots of timber, additional power points and the beautiful felt trees; all these elements distinguish ourselves from other airports and bring something a little bit quirky that reflects Tasmania into the terminal,” says Hobart Airport CEO Sarah Renner.

Hassell’s head of the project, Adriano Denni says the concept was based on research of what made Tasmania unique and special, and why so many people were choosing it as a travel destination.

“We loved the idea of describing it as a place of ‘moments’. These moments are what make Tasmania and Hobart so memorable and so unique, and we believed that capturing these moments could be the element that ties Hobart Airport back to Hobart and Tasmania,” says Denni.

Hobart Airport’s redesign project was completed in December 2018.