The Department of Industry has released the fifth edition of Your Home, a comprehensive consumer guide and technical manual for sustainable homes in Australia. 


Featuring new and updated information, the fifth edition contains various articles concerning the housing design process, with tips and information to assist in the design of a truly sustainable and energy efficient dwelling. 


The publication was first released in 2001 as a partnership between governments and the building and design industries. It offers a manual for creating a comfortable home with minimal impact on the environment. 


Each section covers a particular sustainability theme, including planning passive design, materials, energy and appliances, water and housing of the future. 


According to the Department of Industry, a sustainable home should address all of these themes in tandems, with the principles and ideas of each section applicable to either existing or new homes. 


Visit to read Your Home. Articles can be viewed online or downloaded separately for free. Alternatively, the printed book can be purchased for $35.