Good Design has announced 22 keynote speakers for a two day forum beginning 30 May that will focus on guiding design-led prosperity in business and government.

The 2014 Design as Strategy forum will address three ways in which business can incorporate design innovation into their business strategy and planning.

Over the two days, the keynote speakers will discuss how to:

- Identify the right triggers for economic impact

- Adapt and adopt practical mechanisms that make co-design a habit

- Embed long term thinking that connects growth potential with future prospects

The speakers range from businesses to design professionals and were selected for their account on reshaping business methodologies and how to integrate, embed and optimise design as a tool of strategy framework.

Speakers from Australia, USA, France, South Africa, Korea and New Zealand will follow three themes across the two days, with key speakers selected for each theme.

Each speaker will present for 20 minutes on either ‘Transforming Ideas’, ‘Design fuelled Innovation’, or ‘Rethinking Growth Strategies’, which will be followed by a 20 minute facilitated Q&A session.

Day one:

Host and MC:
Dr. Brandon Gien, CEO Good Design Australia and President of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID)


Dan Harden, President / CEO / Principal Designer, Whipsaw inc. (USA)
Pierre-Yves Panis, Vice-President, design and user experience, Orange (France)

Alayne Reesburg, CEO, Cape Town Design - 2014 World Design Capital (South Africa)

Dean Poole, Alt Group (New Zealand)

Tasos Calantzis, CEO, Terrestrial (South Africa)

Mark Elmore, Head Of Industrial Design, Fisher&Paykel (New Zealand)

Sven Baker, Chairman and Group Ceo Designworks (New Zealand)

Robbie Robertson, Director, Mashup (Australia)

Srini Srinivasan, President and CEO, Lumium inc. (India and USA)

Jeff Julian, Director of Creative Innovation, University Of Newcastle (Australia)

Simon Kidd, Director of Industrial Design, Blackmagic Design (Australia)

Eunjoo Maing, Director, Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) (South Korea)

Ben Spincer, Director, Technology Strategy and Innovation, Telstra Operations (Australia)

Day two:

Host and MC Day: Maureen Thurston, Chair Good Design Australia and Principal of Design Thinking, Deloitte


Ted Pretty, Group Managing Director and CEO, Hills Limited (Australia)

Mehrdad Baghai, Managing Director, Alchemy Growth Partners (Australia)

Nigel Spork, CEO Centor (Australia)

Dr John Russell, CEO Rme (??) (Australia)

Nick White, CEO Gourmet Garden Herbs (?) and Spices (Australia)

Simone Walker, Executive Director, Family and Community Services (Australia)

Dr Mark Strom, Historian and Midwife of Ideas, Leadership Provocateur (Australia)

Dr Melis Senova, Founder and Director, Huddle (Australia)

Professor Sam Bucolo, Professor of Design and Innovation, Uts (Australia)

Ben Shields, Partner, Deloitte (Panel Facilitator - Australia)

Jeremy Walker, Customer Centered Design, BT Financial (Australia)


Visit the Good Design website for full bios and ticket information.