Architects and masterplanners from all over the world will be competing for the opportunity to design three man-made islands planned by the Penang government in Malaysia.

To be constructed off the southern coast of Penang Island, the artificial islands called the Penang South Islands (PSI) are expected to drive Penang’s economic growth and prepare the state for Industry 4.0 in alignment with the Penang 2030 Vision. The islands will be created through the reclamation of about 1800 hectares from the sea. Penang Island is located to the west of mainland Malaysia.

The International Masterplan Design Competition, which has been announced by the Penang state government in partnership with the Malaysian Institute of Architects – Northern Chapter, calls upon participants to design an urban masterplan for the proposed islands.

PSI will be the platform for a new economic thrust that will focus on strategic accelerators, smart enterprises and technology industries, reframing Penang as the centre for innovation and Industry 4.0. For the global design competition, participants must also prioritise environmental and social considerations by providing affordable housing as well as public and private amenities to create a people-focused and inclusive project.

More information about the competition and Registration of Interest (RoI) can be accessed here. RoI forms must be submitted by 25 November 2019.